Frequently Asked Questions

This part is for frequently asked questions. If you have any question in your mind use the buttons to find your question. If you didn’t find it feel free to ask any question from the contact part in the menu


you can see the signal packages on the home page or you can chooset from the menu/pricing

yes you can change it from menu/profile/personal details

yes you can change it from menu/profile/personal details

you can see your membership status from menu/profile/membership details

you can see your membership status from menu/profile/membership details

yes we have live chat support on telegram and whatsapp you can go to menu/contact, from there you can choose telegram or whatsapp to live chat

yes you can go to affiliate program from menu/affiliate,then youcan contact with our admins for more information.

you can see your affiliate status from menu/profile/affiliate program ,you can see the payments and your active clients

you can click login then click “lost password”, you will receive an email from our team with a link to change your password

you can pay via stripe or paypal, if you don’t have a paypal accout you can pay via credit/debit card or visa card from stripe or from paypal by clicking, I don’t have a paypal account,

you can read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before checkout

no we don’t charge client’s cards after their membership ends, for extend the membership clients need to pay again by themselves

you can see our clients comments in the homepage, also you can add a comment by yourself,our team will be happy to read that.

3-4 days before your membership ends we will email you and notice you about your membership deadline, also our admins will contact you 1-2 days before your membership deadline, if you don’t extend it

you can see the discount offers on our social media, also you can join our newsletter for news and discounts.


we will provide our signals in telegram app, you need to have a telegram account to use our signals.

up to 95% of our signals are short terms signals and they will be closed in 1_2 days

We have a succession rate up to 89% with our signals.

Yes, you can use any trading platform of your choosing. There are many to choose from and our signals will work with all of them.

YES! Our support team is available 24/7 in 3 differents languages ( english _ persian_ turkish) We 24/7 message support through Telegram, whatsapp & Email so you will never get stuck! If you ever feel stuck on a topic or don’t fully understand something we go over, feel free to message us your question and we’ll get back to you within a few hours — sometimes minutes! We’d be more than happy to help.

We have customers all around the world, this is why we send signals on all sessions. That means you can receive an alert on a trade 24/5. Turn on your post notifications on telegram and you won’t miss any signals

Paid members have direct access to our friendly and professional support team which spans all time zones and 3 languages.

clients use 1-2 daily free signals and premium clients have an access to 4-6 high quality daily signals.

Our Team

we have 4 trader in our team,2 of them trades more than 3 years and the other 2 has more than 6 years experience in Forex market

we where provide signals in whatsapp from about 2 years ago, now we extend our work and create a website and from now we provide signals in telegram app.

if you are an influencer, professional trader,or you can speak more than one languages please contact us from menu/contact, we will be happy to work with you